Rose For Emily
"A Rose for Emily is a very popular short story because of its, style ,
climax, and plot. The author, William Faulkner, was a "Southern"
writer from Oxford, Mississippi. FAulkner bases this story on the tale of

Oxford\'s aristrocratic " Miss Mary " Neilson. She married Captain jack

Hume, the charming yankee foreman of a street-paving crew, over her family\'s
shocked protests. The style of this story is false romance. Miss Emily\'s father,
before his death, would run off every man that tried to court her. Because of
this, she felt any man she loved would leave her. After falling in love with

Homer Baron, she feared he would run off like the others. To keep this from
happening, she poisoned him and kept his body upstairs in the bedroom. The
climax focuses on the room where the corpse was found. After Miss Emily\'s death,
the town people were cleaning up the house and found a room that was locked.

They had to break down the door. To their surprise, they found Homer Baron\'s
corpse lying in the bed dressed in a night shirt. As the story progresses there
is no indication that he had died. When they found the toilet things sitting on
the dresser with initials H.B., it was well known that the corpse was Homer

Baron. I first thought it was her father in the bed, then I realized that her
father was already buried. I then knew it had to be her lover. I cringed on the
thought of what she did while she was lying next to the corpse. Finally, the end
of this story surrounds a woman\'s life from her mid twenties until her death at
the age of seventy-four. It describes a prominent lady of a town who led a
private life. I learned, while reading this story that this woman is crazy and
had the mind of a child. She seemed to lose everything she loved. Keeping the
body of the individual she loved was her eay of not feeling so alone.