Separate Peace And Heart Of Darkness
The Heart of Darkness and A Separate Peace. Most are between the two main
characters' friends and how they deal with their situations and problems. The
similarities between the two characters are their leadership skills, their
expertise, and how their friends affect them. Mr. Kurtz and Finny both have
incredible leadership skills. Finny is able to persuade Gene to do practically
anything he wants him to do which in the end is his downfall since he convinces

Gene to climb the tree with him and do a double jump. He also shows his
leadership skills when he gathers a lot of the students and teaches them a new
game that is fitted perfectly to his physical abilities. Mr. Kurtz showed these
skills when he had the courage to go into the cillages of cannibals and convince
them to give him their ivory or to tell them where they knew there was some. He
also saved Marlow and his crew's lives when he commanded the natives to stop
firing at their steamboat. "Kurtz got the tribe to follow him, did
he?" I suggested. He fidgeted a little. "They adored him," he
said." At the drop of his finger, he could have had the natives attack

Marlow and his crew and kill them. While Mr. Kurtz and Finny are both alive,
they are extremely good at what they do. Before his accident, Finney is the most
athletic student at his school. After the accident, he tries to help Fene to
become more athletic. His dream is for Finny to make the Olympics instead of
him. Mr. Kurtz worked for a company that found ivory and then sold it to the
public. "The he began again, assuring me Mr. Kurtz was the best agent he
had, an exceptional man." Mr. Kurtz also brought back the most ivory then
any other employee; "Sends in as much ivory as all the others put
together." Both Mr. Kurtz and Finny had friends that had something to do
with their deaths. In Finny's case, his friend Gene accidently jarred him off
the tree branch that caused him to break his leg. When Finny got a brace on his
leg, he tripped and broke it again, but when the doctor tried to mend it, bone
marrow escaped and instantly killed him when it reached his heart. In The Heart
of Darkness, Marlow forces Mr. Kurtz to leave the forest natives, which speds up
his death because Mr. Kurtz wants to stay in the wilderness and live with the
natives that he had lived with for so long. In conclusion, the basi of both of
these novels is very similar and what happens in each of them is very close to
being the same. In each of the novels, the main characters are trying to save
their friend. In the end, both of their friends die from something they did to
them while trying to save them. In the case of Finny, he dies from a freak
accident during his operation and he is not ready to die since he has many great
things ahead of him. Mr. Kurtz dies from malnutrition and also from leaving his
"friends", the natives. However, he is ready to die because he
accomplished a lot in his life.