Synergy Productivity Training
Synergy productivity training focuses on improving productivity throughout your
company. The productivity training we provide consists of three main components:

Improving personal productivity through improved time management skills.

Improving company productivity through establishing management priorities.

Improving field services productivity through adopting new technology Personal

Productivity Training Seminar Synergy provides a half-day personal productivity
training seminar for all of your company’s employees. This seminar has
received national recognition for its effectiveness. This seminar improves
employees’ individual performance by maximizing their personal effectiveness
in setting immediate and long range goals and in prioritizing personal tasks. As
part of this personal productivity training seminar, each employee in attendance
at the seminar receives a customized personal log containing planning sheets for
recording events and managing daily activities. This personal log standardizes
the method by which all of your employees organize and control events, improving
their productivity and, at the same time, increasing your company’s ability to
bid contracts and bill clients. Management Productivity Training Synergy
provides management training at our Leadership Retreat facilities at Garrison

Lake, New York. As a result of this training, management will be able to create
more effective relationships with the employees they supervise. This two-day
training, focuses on helping company officials work together to identify your
company’s own unique mission statement, guiding principles for each division,
and personal role-based tasks. Field Services Technology and Training Synergy
provides 30 hours of free on-site training and 6 months of free on-line
consultation services. After 6 months, training and consultation are provided on
a contractual basis. Synergy’s advanced technology system improves your
communication field services. Our phone-fax-computer system connects your
managers through e-mail, fax, and telephone to establish better communication
throughout your company and to simplify procedures, streamline red tape, and
eliminate bureaucracy.