Take Notes
1st Accusers
Aristophanes - Comedian Playwright
1) Natural inquiry (The sun is not a god, it is a big hot rock)
3) Making them weaker appears stronger
2nd Accusers
1) atheism
2) Bringing in new gods (doesn't really add up here)
3) Corrupting the youth
Elechos - refuting other persons claims (response from defense)
Conversation - ask a series of questions that proves youre right
Meletus - chief accuser
Socrates gets to talk to Meletus in this way ^^^
Is the cross examination of Meletus successful?
To what extent is Socrates a threat to the community?
Be savvy about the genre you're working in and naming
Do NOT use informal language in an academic essay.
Sarcasm actually means to rip the flesh off someone's face.
Understand who your audience is.
Plato at his time was the most educated man in the world.
Plato who is one of kind was being called "typical".
Writing is a social activity.
Straw Man, a person could say the orestia isn't about justice at all. How to respond? Every play has some sort justice present in it.
Rebuttal to the Rebuttal - YOURE FULL OF SHIT
The two people are basically speaking a different language.
Problems were facing aren't a big problem for a lot of us.
Do NOT summarize what happens in the text.
Motivated summarizes = heres the weird thing, weird thing, weird thing. It becomes part of an argument.