Turtles Favorite Fish

The project I am working on is called "Which Type of Fish do Turtles Prefer to

Eat?" I chose this topic because I wanted to see if the size and color of the
fish really matter when it comes to the turtle’s eating. I also chose this
topic because of the fact that I always have greet colored fish left in the tank
after I feed my turtles. I am especially interested if the size of the fish
matters when the turtles are eating. I say this because when they are eating it
looks like they go after a particular type of fish it usually is the bigger fish
in the tank. But the main thing I really want to figure out is if it really
matters to the turtle. I want to know this because maybe turtles are like other
animals in that they might chose the food they eat or maybe they don’t care
what they eat. Materials The materials I used to conduct my project were very
simple. I used two turtles which were my own and I uses a thirty gallon tank to
house the turtles used goldfish as the food for my experiment. The goldfish I
used varied in size and color. Some of the fish were big and some were of medium
or small size. The color of the fish also varied. Some of the fish were orange,
white, red, or Gerry used a video camera to record the turtles section of fish.

I recorded the activity of the turtles when I was not there to watch them. Some
of the other things I used were a feeder to help me monitor what type of fish I
was feeding the turtles. Procedure The procedure I used was simple. Every day I
would put in different types of fish. One day I would put in big fish with a
orange color and the next day I would put in fish that were smaller and that
have a different color. I did this for three months. After each feeding period I
would record my results. Hypothesis I think that the turtles will eat the fish
according to their size. I feel that the big turtle will eat big fish and the
smaller turtle will eat the smaller fish. And for the color of the fish I think
that the turtles will choose the brighter colored fish because they are easier
to see and that the turtle may have an easier time distinguishing it as food
instead of a rock or log or something floating in the water. Results The results

I had were that the smaller turtle still ate the bigger fish and that the
turtles seemed to always eat the brighter colored fish first. Really I think
that the turtles really didn’t care what size e the fish was but what the
really cared about was the color of the fish. I say this because each time I fed
them there always seemed to be a lot of gray colored fish left over. The results
of my experiment somewhat correlated to my hypothesis in that the color of the
fish has an affect on what the turtle will eat. Conclusion The conclusion of my
experiment is that the turtles don’t really care about the size of the fish,
but the turtles really care about the color of the fish. I know this because
during my experiment the turtles seemed to favor the orange fish and the always
left the gray fish there. Even when there were only gray fish in the tank the
turtles still did not choose to eat them. So in conclusion of my experiment the
turtles don’t really care for size but the turtles really care about the color
of the fish. General Information Scientific classification Trachemys Scripta

Elegans. Common name Red-Eared Slider or Florida turtle. Geographic distribution

This native of the south of the United States is found in many places of the
world. It has been introduced by people who bought them as pets to later release
them in the wild when they decide they don\'t want to keep them anymore. This
represents a big problem. In southern Europe, for example, the red-eared slider
competes for survival against the costume of Europe who is now in danger of
extinction. Size It can grow up to 30 cms (11.8 inches). Longevity In the wild
it can live about 20 years, but in captivity some specimens have been reported
to live up to 40 years. Physical description It is