We Are Our Mothers Daughters
News correspondent Cokie Roberts, author of a meaningful book titled We are Our

Mothersí Daughters, published in 1998, call number 001-170, discusses
significant issues facing women today in her book. She takes her readers on a
personal and political journey, exploring the diverse roles women have played
throughout American history and the connections and distinctions among different
generations of women. On a personal level, each essay is an introduction to
several of the fascination women Roberts has encountered during the course of
her reporting career; she also relates powerful and moving life stories about
the women in her life, like her mother former Congresswoman Lindy Boggs. Roberts
style is unique. Roberts takes you through intimate stories of extraordinary
women; these women become the beginning for more extensive discussions of
womenís position in politics, business, motherhood, and marriage, as well as
other issues. Roberts examines the nature of womenís roles, from mother to
mechanic, sister to soldier, from her personal experience. Roberts is very
sincere to her feelings in her writing in this book. I felt just as she was
happy or sad. She begins her writing with the intense story of her sister, whom
dies from cancer at a young age. The story of her mothers life as a politician
next. Roberts also, wrote about an aunt of hers, a soldier, mechanic, friend,
reporter, civil rights activist, wife, and an enterpriser. She concludes her
book by her last chapter titled A Womenís Place. She discusses all the
important roles of the women she wrote about and how they tie together. A
womenís place is everywhere and anywhere in todayís world. She worked her
writing by writing about the women that were close to her and extended from
there to other fascinating women she encountered in her career. Roberts
dedicated a chapter to each women she wrote about. This book from my view is
sensitive, strait forward, and perceptive. It also shows such a diversity of
choices and perspectives available to women today and greatly affirms the bond
of females powerful inter connection among all women, whatever their background.

I would suggest anyone interested in where a women belong and the history of
women should read this selection. Itís just one of those bookes, where from
start to end you might cry or laugh. I garuntee when you begin to read, you will
not want to stop till you have read the entire book.