Why Hitler came to power Since the start of WWII, Europe has fallen into brutal domination of the Third Reich of Germany which was controlled by Adolf Hitler, and changed th is region into a living hell. Carnage, death, fear happened all over Europe under the rule of Hitler all the time. Although it ' s incredible, but it still had some reasons to explain why Germany, even Europe fell into the hand of this powerful and merciless man. There are four reasons we can find. The first and conclusive reason is the political reason. The Treaty of Versailles, most humiliating treaty of German y , caused the losing of numerous territories and colonies. The Germans felt ashamed about this failure, and many soldiers even believed the government had surrendered rather than were defeated. So, after World War I, German society had the idea of revenge and the desire to gain back their territories. The sentiment was then used by Hitler in his speeches and declaration s to arouse strong morale and craze of the Germans , t hereby control led the heart of the Germans . The second cause is the economic problem. After the sign of the Treaty of Versailles, plenty of cost for war and the reparation for the Entente countries caused the destruction of the German economy. Then, a worldwide depression, which was known as "Great Depression " occurred. According to a piece of Hemingway ' s work, we know the German inflation made people ' s lives very hard, especially workers ' . Also, a lot of problems smashed the power of Germany ' s first democracy, Weimar Republic . As a result, people had the desire to have a strong government, authoritarian government instead of the weak Weimar Republic .Hence, the Nazi Party, was the party they look ed forward to. The next reason is the national characteristics of Germans . When the Germans were under the reign of Prussia, led by the Prussian Kings Frederich I and his son, Frederich the Great, Pan-Germanism was increased. It ' s the creed of spirit, included not only the personalities of bravery, firmness and preciseness, but also militarism and authoritarianism. Later, the desire of expansion even resulted in the WWI. In addition, the national pride of Germany as the descendant of the Holy Roman Empire made them haughty and exclusive. Likewise, nationalism and militarism demonstrated by the Nazi and it ' s leader, Adolf Hitler (the carnage of Jews) . Therefore, the common idea also led to the popularity of the Nazism and Hitler. The last reason is the personal ability of Hitler. He had very special personal experience s . He had received the patriotic education in Linz, Austria, and had been a solider during the WWI. This unique experience caused Hitler became a nationalist and devoted in politics, and also enhanced his ability of speech. His persuasive speech always aroused the enthusiasm of the Germans and touched many workers who were poor but multitudinous. In conclusion, these four reasons caused the authority of Hitler. About the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler said: "I ndependence or submission! " About the miserable condition of the German economy he state d : " I will give our workers freedom, let ' s r edeem our country! " He promised he w ould make Germany great again, and really did it after he came to power. Hitler had a saying: " Give little soul branded proud faith. Then he will consider himself a part of the dragon. " So, by thinking about these four reasons, we can conclude that though it has four reasons which made Hitler came to power . Whatever the reason is, it was controlled by Hitler ' s hand during that dark era . That is because he possessed a method which other people didn ' t have: the controlling of people ' s hearts and minds.