Witch Of Blackbird Pond
CH 1 The main character loads a ship called the dolphin. While on the dolphin
she makes some friends and some enemies. A lot of the people on the ship think
she is a witch. They think this because she jumped off the boat and she could.

Predictions I think once they arrive the people on the dolphin will put kit on a
witch trial. I donít believe youíre a witch if you can swim CH 2 No one is
talking to Kit right now. Her friend Nat teases her a lot. It seems that at this
point that Kit loves to read. Not much has happened yet. Predictions I still
think that the crewmembers are going to put Kit on witch trial. I donít care
who the person was I would talk to the person no matter what even if she were a
witch. CH 3 Kit finds her aunt and uncle and cousins. She has two cousins Merry
and Judith. Her uncle did not know that Kit was coming (How embarrassing)

Predictions Wouldnít you be so embarrass if you showed up and they didnít
know you were coming. CH 4 At her aunt and uncles house and gives them clothes
as a present. The only person who can keep them is Merry. Kits uncle didnít
know she was coming Predictions I think that Kit feels uncomfortable at her
auntís house. I would feel uncomfortable too especially if they didnít know

I was coming CH 5 Kit is forced to go to church with everyone even though she
doesnít want to. At church she meets Abby and Will. Kit doesnít know that
church is an all day thing here. Predictions I think that Will likes Kit. Will
is going to come visit her at her auntís CH 6/7 In chapter 6 the reverend came
over for dinner. They gave up two days of sugar just for him. Matt doesnít
like him. Will wants to come see Kit. In seven Will does come over I guess I was
right. Will was so nervous he froze up in front of everyone Predictions I
donít like Judith very much. I think Kit is beginning to like Will. CH 8 Kit
and Judith have to go to the onion field and weed it the field is near the
widowís house. Predictions I think Kit is starting to like living with
everyone CH 9/10 Kit is trying to teach kids to read. She tried to teach them a
play but it didnít work. Kit ran into the meadows and stayed there for hours.

Kit is still trying to teach them. She goes to Hannahís house and sees Nat.

Predictions I think that Hannah might be a good witch if a witch at all. Kit is
not a witch though. Hannah and Kit will become good friends CH11 Kit runs into

Prudence and talks to her. Prudence wants to read but her mom says itís
stupid. Kit privately teaches her. Predictions I think that Hannah is trying to
cover up something sheís just to nice. CH12 School is finally over. Kit goes
to Hannahís house. When she gets there Nat is there Kit helps mere Hannahís
roof. Predictions I think Nat is going to stay for a while and help out Hannah.

CH13 Kit finds out that John likes merry and not Judith (thatís good) even
though its work the husking bee is fun. Judith isnít disappointed about John
(thatís too bad) Predictions I think Will will stay after the husking bee.

Matt will take Hannah for with craft. CH14 Andros will become Mayer. He will try
to take away the charter. Nat has to stay because the dolphin is against the
wind Predictions Hannah is going to try to stop Andros from taking away the
charter I still think Hannah is a good witch if any CH15/16 There is a meeting
held by no other than Andros. The charter was lost. The people are safe in

Connecticut. Kit teaches Prudence how to write. Predictions I think that Hannah
will be banned for doing witchcraft CH 17 Merry and Judith get sick the town
people go to burn down Hannahís house down. Kit goes to take Hannah. Hannah
gets on the Dolphin Predictions I think now they will think Kit is a witch
because she helped Hannah. CH18 Judith might get better from her cold. Now that

Hannah is gone Kit is thought to be the witch just as I predicted. Predictions I
donít think Kit is